Login wifi with social media

Login wifi with social media

Login wifi with social media

Login with social media - Social WiFi allows your customers to connect to your WiFi network by using their social media profiles, ensuring fast and simple login access. What's more, you can add your social media links or website pages to your special splash page.


Some of the features of the Mikrotik Hotspot Captive Portal from sharkwifi are

  • 1.Login with social media facebook,twitter,email
  • 2.limit bandwidth or internet speed limit
  • 3.Set an internet quota limit
  • 4.Limit internet access time
  • 5.Do a connection time limit on the router device
  • 6.Place a popup ad
  • 7.Login with the user password
  • 8.Redirect to the website or social media
  • 9.Get data accessing wifi network / member
  • 10.Get wifi network user device information
  • 11.Get login log information
  • 12.Download member data to Excel





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